27 November, 2014

Know more about Gautam Gulati on his Birthday

Today is Gautam's Birthday. Gautam has made his mark as a contestant of Big Boss. with his idiosyncrasies and antics. Very few people know that he was a student of Shiamak Davar like Shahid Kapoor and Sushant Singh. 

Gautam has also starred in a movie called Darpok. played the role of a 28-year-old man, living under trauma for not being able to prevent his mother from being raped when he was a child. His helplessness continued to haunt him until he planned to avenge it. He is the first Indian television actor to walk the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival for the screening of his release. 
Few also know that he has an elder brother, Mohit Gulati, who is year and a half elder to him. Mohit resides in Delhi and is a carbon copy of Gautam. The two are often mistaken to be twins. Many people see him and confuse him for being Gautam and think that Gautam got evicted from the house.
Wishing Gautam Gulati a very Happy Birthday.
Tonight you see a special activity in the house of Big Boss, dedicated to him.

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