28 November, 2014

Reaction of Diandra's dad over her getting cosy in bathroom with Gautam

This is the house of Big Boss. Here you are locked inside the house for 3 months and there are cameras hovering on you. Frustrations are high, competition is high and people get desperate. Gauhar and Kushal were shown doing this. Tanisha Mukerji and Armaan Kohli also did it. There are areas inside the house where you can do things, get cosy if you want and be away from cameras- e.g the bathroom, the smoking room, etc.
In last night promos, Diandra and Gautam are shown getting inside the bathroom together to get intimate with each other. They have been flirting with each other, lying next to each other.
Diandra's father Benedict Soares, who has been watching the show closely, gave his reaction and take on it. “I think she is doing great. Diandra is an adult who can and should make her own decisions; she has always been a strong woman. Personally, we don’t have a problem with Gautam and her. If she wants to settle down after the show, we have no objection." He added that he hopes Diandra doesn’t trust anyone completely because it’s a game show at the end of the day.
“I think the Bigg Boss house has a lot of different personalities who seem to come up as the flavour of the week, every week."

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  1. Such a supportive father you have Diandra. Your father is much more modern than you. I personally like Diandra in the house and I am regular viewer of Big boss.