20 November, 2014

Scoop of the day: At his sister Arpita Khan's wedding, the cheeky thing Salman said to Katrina

Salman Khan's sister Arpita's wedding to her long time boyfriend Ayush Sharma was an lavish affair. There were many interesting things that happened. The wedding took place in Taj Falknuma palace yesterday. Salman was the perfect host who looked after each guest and entertained them. He sang and danced on stage.

The DJ played chikni chameli and Salman got on stage and asked Katrina Kaif to join. She was feeling too shy and hid behind Karan Johar. First Salman asked Karan to ask her to come on stage. When even that did not work, he jokingly said, 

"Main kya karoon...I gave you a chance to be Katrina Khan, but you chose Katrina Kapoor."
Another highlight was during Arpita's chooda ceremony, the kalira fell on Katrina's head. (According to Indian belief, whoever the girl drops her kalira on, is the next to get married.)

So we will witness Katrina Kaif marrying Ranbir Kapoor pretty soon.

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