09 November, 2014

Top 2 most expensive lipsticks of the world.

Here are top 2 most expensive lipsticks of the world.

1. Kiss Kiss by Guerlain

 The case comes with real 18 carats golds and diamonds. Price $ 62,000.
The gold weight for case is 110 grams. There are 199 diamonds. They are 2.2 carats diamonds. The case also has emeralds and rubies. The case can also be customized to have your name and message engraved on it. This case is stored in a wooden case which is painted in black. Then it has a black suede pouch. Makeup expert Olivier Echaudemaison has selected 15 shades in this and when you buy this, you get a personal session with Olivier Echaudemaison.

2. Lipstick by H Couture beauty

This Lipstick is priced at $14 million. It comes as a set along with a mascara. The lipstick cover case has 1200 rare, pink diamonds. the mascara case is made of 18carat gold with 2500 blue diamonds. With this you get a concierge service all days of week. The buyer also gets complimentary refills for a year.

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