06 December, 2014

Intelligent uses of Rubber band

To remove a stripped screw

To prevent the auto lock from shutting when the door closes.

To make your tight jeans one size loose.

To neatly fold the clothes while packing

To prevent chopping board from slipping

To open tight lid

To secure a dress on a hanger and make sure it does not slip and fall

To mark your glass in a party

To keep the tea bag

To secure expensive wine glasses in a dishwasher

To easily do french manicure

So that the paint does not drip. 

To secure the lid on a bowl while traveling

To decorate the phone charger and cords

To turn the pages of a sticky book

To unscrew the tight bottles of nail polish, use a rubber band

Cut the apple and secure the slices with rubber band. It will not turn black

Keep roll of ribbons secure

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