01 December, 2014

Reuse your empty Tic Tac boxes

If you have empty Tic Tac boxes, do not throw them away. There are super creative ways of using them. This will help you to be more organized, become environment friendly, have better storage ideas in this tiny and cute box.

1. Store your hair pins in it. You could also store paper pins, staple pins, board pins, etc.

2. Store your crafts supply in it. It could be buttons, sequins, little beads, etc.

3. Store the seeds in it.

4. Store your memory cards, phone sims, etc in it.

5. Picture frame. If your little one has drawn a tiny picture or painting, put it neatly in this box. It becomes a frame. You can even put your passport size pictures in it.

6. Make a flashlight from it.

7. Store your spices in it.

8. Make it your pill box. Or a tiny first aid kit to take along.

9. Store your ribbons and tape in it.

10 Make it a pencil sharpener. So all the shavings remain inside.
You just have to stick a sharpener on the head.

11. Store your toothpicks in it.

12. Store paper clips in it.

Now we are sure, you will never throw away your empty tic tac boxes.

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