14 October, 2015

Social media trends

Today, social media plays a big role in advertising and in determining the trends. Youngsters follow their icons with zeal on instagram, blogs, pineterests, facebook and twitters. Actors and actresses put their pictures and tell which labels are the wearing or endorsing. This becomes a rage. Brands approach popular fashion bloggers or instagrammers to showcase their labels. There is no denying that social media is big.

The trends that social media has influenced is- big brands and labels. Another trend is online shopping. The brands advertise and are seen on social media. Hence, even a college going girl/boy wants to be seen wearing labels and brands. Custom tailoring seems to be fading away. Small boutiques who are not seen much on social media, will also not be the first choice of the buyers. Many new names and designers have come up. Accessories have become minimalist. Girls want to be trendy. They are also following a lot of makeup and beauty bloggers. As a result, every girl has become a shopaholic. No one seems to have just 2-3 shades of lipsticks. Every girl wants 10 shades of red, 10 of pink, 10 of plum, so on and so forth. People read reviews before buying. No one just experiments. Individual styles and trends are out. Everyone wants to wear what everyone else is wearing.
Social media definitely targets younger generation or lets say more tech savy generation.
The result is more consumer mentality, more hoarding, more rat race, less personal styles, more branded and labeled fashion. Everyone wants everything- shoes, sunglasses, makeup, clothes, etc etc.
Lives have become tougher and are not so simple anymore. People do not want to repeat clothes because they have already been photographed in it and it has been on social media. No one is even quality conscious. It should only look good in pictures. No one even invests in heirloom, pashminas, etc that can be passed to generations. 
People experiment less. Hardly anyone buys fabric and gets it stitched like good old days. Everyone seems to be only partying and holidaying on social media. Social media makes the life look so rosy. It is just bed of roses and seems too good to be true. In fact, sometimes I wonder, when do they work, sleep, spend time with family, workout etc.
My only tip to people following social media follow restraint. Do not get into rat race. Be individualistic. Try to initiate the trend rather than following it blindly. Life is more than just brands, labels, parties and holidays. 

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