01 October, 2015

What You Should Be Looking For in a Resort at Lonavala

Lonavala – an extraordinary hill station in the Pune district. It’s one of the two places known for their array of chikki, and a very popular getaway destination for people from all over India. To help choose the best hotel for you – whether you’re coming with family or flying solo – we’ve gathered what resorts in Lonavala need to make a perfect holiday. 

1.     Stunning Views

What resort would be complete without stunning views? To truly see the gorgeous hill station, stunning views are essential to take in the beauty of the nature surrounding Lonavala. Whether you’re viewing from your hotel room, to your balcony, it’s best to choose somewhere that truly captures the view of Lonavala; whether the lush hills or gorgeous sky!

2.     Activities

No resort in the world would be complete without activities! Whether in the pool or in their gardens, resorts will always have activities. Some will offer parties, bonfires and games for their guests daily, so make sure to check out the front desk. If none of the above appeal, a select few resorts offer a Holiday Activities Centre, ensuring that there will always be something for you.

3.     Ownership

Is your target resort chain-owned? Often, chain-owned resorts will better know how to service you than stand alone resorts. Experience from all over India causes the resort to have tons of customer feedback, allowing them to improve every day. In that sense, always go for a resort that’s chain owned, especially ones with membership – allowing you to go from resort to resort, in any part of India!

4.     Close to Your Target

Going to Lonavala or any other location requires being close to the target destination. In Lonavala, being close to the heart of the city is essential to having a great time, but being far enough to enjoy the scenic beauty of the hill station, and the tranquility of nature. A good example would be being 2-3 kilometers away from the city, where you’ll be close enough to enjoy nature, but close enough to the city to its amazing attractions!

5.     Travel

Ensure your hotel is close to a travelling point. Whether public transport such as buses or trains, being close to a transportation stop is key to moving around the hill station – and it’ll come in handy when you’re exhausted from all the shopping. Even if there aren’t any near your target hotel, check that they have a travel desk. Professional hotels and resorts in Lonavala will always have a travel desk to assist you in all your travelling needs, whether if you’re heading to the airport or to a local attraction.

6.      Attractions

Attractions come in play with travel. Being close to an attraction (or several) will greatlyimprove your overall experience – whether in Lonavala or anywhere in India! Being near a tourist destination means you’ll meet not only other tourists, but locals – making it a perfect opportunity to ask about the best eat outs or shops. Furthermore, you’ll be able to see Lonavala for what it truly is, and what makes it so popular. Even if they can’t answer, your hotel is a perfect place to ask around – they’ll have all the information necessary!

7.     Business or not?

Are you going for a business trip? Hosting a business conference, or an event?  If you are, checking to ensure that your hotel has business or conference rooms available is essential – especially if you’re deciding to host the conference or event in the resort, for the convenience of your participants. Hotels will have professional photos of their conference rooms and offer packages – as well as information on their halls and available seating arrangements, along with activities for your guests.

8.      Food

Probably the most part of any resort and hotel is on-site food. After all, there are just some days you can’t be bothered to go out and eat right? So what better way then to enjoy the food right outside your hotel door? Most hotels offer a range of cuisines to cater to your taste, ranging from rustic Indian cuisine to Chinese, to even continental food – from buffets to restaurants dedicated to their cuisines. The chefs will always be happy to help, whether helping arrange for a particular dish to asking suggestions for your dinner; after all, food is an essential component of a hotel.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your holiday in Lonavala! Whether you’re going for business or an event, going solo or with family, there will be something perfect for you! An example that has everything mentioned above is Resorts of Sterling Holidays – perfect for your vacation or conference!

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