02 October, 2015

Workout and eating on national holiday

The biker's group decided to do 100 kms ride (my first ever) on the national holiday (today- Gandhi Jayanti). We left home early and came back when the sun was hot and bright. The ride was not so difficult though. There were lot of downhill slopes and few uphill too. Being holiday, the traffic was also less.
To get up early for this ride, I had to miss a dear friend's party at night. I wanted to sleep early and be fresh in the morning. I had to choose between late night partying and early morning ride. Though, this friend is super dear to my heart, I also knew, she would understand.
There is a lot of lifestyle change one needs to make in order to be healthy and fit. Late night parties and early morning trainings do not go hand in hand. It is not about being good at something. It is about being good to yourself. 

 On a side note: Things to value in life:
1. Be true to your commitment. Person of your words.
2. Stay away from negativity.
3. Do not cheat anyone. Do not break anyone's trust.
4. Do not take your teachers/ your Gurus for granted ever. 

Then during the day, friends planned to meet for lunch in this awesome new place called Delhi Clubhouse. We loved the place, the food, the music, the decor, everything. Needless to say, I ate like a pig. I was so famished.

Pink lemonade.


Last but not the least, some photo ops before leaving.

What I am wearing:
T: Armani Exchange
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Sketchers
Bag: Gift from son-Mark Jacobs
Sunglasses- Borrowed from friend. They have been on my lust list for long.
Bracelets- Swarovski

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