28 November, 2015

Harley Davidson, HOG and me

This month, I bought my first bike (not the last one though). I am still learning to ride it well. I am enjoying riding it so much, I am almost in love with it.
Here are my pictures after taking the delivery of the bike from the showroom.

Earlier, I had gone and picked up my first biking jacket.

Yesterday, I attended my first HOG meet. HOG is Harley owners group. I was super nervous before attending it. I knew no one, am an amateur rider. I went with my husband. The meeting was in Junkyard cafe in CP. It is a cafe so typical for bikers. 
I am so glad I went. I connected with the bikers and their partners. They were super warm, friendly, accepting and encouraging. I felt a part of HOG family. Here are few pictures.

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