30 December, 2015

Lift, stretch, bend, relax, breathe

Meditate a little, lift a little, bend a bit, breathe a bit. Twist up, expand, breathe in and breathe out, align yourself, be aware of yourself. Sounds familiar? Then you have been practicing yoga. If not, go enrol in a yoga class in 2016.

What is your New Year resolution?
My new year resolutions

1. Participate in my first Triathlon Olympic
2. Be fitter
3. Crack the handstand and scorpion
4.Complete minimum 1000 kms on bike
5. Complete 1000 kms of cycle
6. Do 10-11 kms run twice a week. Increase it more3 months before training for marathon.
7. Party less. Sleep early, wake up early.
8. Work on some videos
10. Travel to Istanbul and to my sister

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