15 December, 2015

Travel and fitness in Srinagar

Few days back, I had traveled to Srinagar for work. I stayed in Lalit there. As I reached the airport, I was first taken to the VIP lounge in the airport. Till more security men came to take me out.

VIP lounge

I rode back in a car with a an armed PSO.

Armed PSO sitting in front.

There was not much sightseeing to do there. I had gone for work. In my hotel, I did lot of workout. Used their gym, trained for my upcoming triathlon.

Check out my new shoes. The criteria I seek while buying shoes is that it should be like barefoot running. It should be super flexible, super thin sole and yes, very colourful. 

I used the heated pool to train for my swimming and did continuous laps.

Just out after steam and gyming.

Having dinner.

Having breakfast.

Back to the airport in another VIP lounge and I boarded my flight back to Delhi.

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