08 August, 2016

Movie review Madaari

Madaari starts with Irrfan Khan’s voiceover telling us a tale of the struggle between a baaz (a hawk) and a chooza (chick). It is about the fight of chick i.e the common man with the hawk i.e the corrupt system. #Madaari is an out and out Irrfan Khan movie. If, like me you too are a fan of his acting skills, you must not miss it. Many people have found errors in the script but take it with a pinch of salt. It is a Bollywood masala movie, showcasing a common man fighting against system and corruption. He is portraying an ideal voter who is too busy in “dal-roti” and day to day affairs and believes what media shows him. He is a single father, taking care of his son. Irrfan does full justice to the character of Nirmal Kumar.
The plot is pretty simple- a simple man seeking to avenge for a personal tragedy that is the loss of his son by picking out a politician through his son. He kidnaps the politician’s son leading to dynamic manhunt. This is where Jimmy Shergill comes in. He portrays Nachiket Verma, the celebrated cop.
The film is a must watch. I would say it is Irrfan’s one of the best performances. It is a movie that you can watch with family.
The film reminded me of Naseeruddin Shah’s Wednesday- a single man fighting against system and corruption in his manner.
There are many moments in the film that shake you. You ponder and think about corruption, life and helplessness of common man or voters who choose their own governments. It is an inspiring movie.
It sounds real, but not as good — if in the end the hawk tramples over the chick. However, the same story would feel good but unreal with a different end, one in which the chick gets the better of the hawk. So driven by this instinct, anger and rage, he kidnaps the politician’s eight year old son. He hopes that with his this act, the world will take notice and pay him heed. He is able to achieve his goal too.

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