12 August, 2016

Trip to SFO

Life has been on a roller coaster ride. It is my trip to SFO- to the person I am closest to- to my sister. We have endless talks, cracking laughter till we have pain in our stomachs and tears in eyes, lots of hugs and kisses, sharing, bonding, mimicking, exercising, dancing, running, cycling, cooking, driving, site seeing and the list does not end.

My little nephew made this ice cream cone for me.

Selfie time with San Mateo- Hayward bridge in the background.

Selfie at twitter office.

Priceless expressions

We are both wearing Ritu Kumar tunics. We love to dress alike.

Picking up my niece from her school. She comes running to hug me and takes my hand and introduces me (her massi) to each of her friend and teacher and asks them, "say hi to my massi".

Picking up my nephew from his camp.

Priceless hugs

Test drive of Tesla. Oh it is a beauty.

Dinner together- just us sisters. Our bonding time

My sister took me to a paint night. This was girls night out. We painted dancing dolls and sipped sangrias.

Life could not be better.