12 August, 2016

Don’t just buy a luxury watch, but invest in it with care

There are few things in life worth an investment, and luxury watches are one amongst them. Watches are not something which you enjoy buying only, but they stay close to your heart for long, and thus, are a great investing option. After all, the craftsmanship that goes in creating luxury watches with perfection is worth drooling over. As the pleasure of owning a luxury watch doesn’t end with the passage of time, a lot of effort needs to go in choosing an ideal timepiece.
Is a watch worth its retail price?
While putting your money on a luxury watch, do a little research to know the brand value of the timepiece. It’s a known fact that watches from popular brands are more likely to retain their value over the time, than those from lesser-known brands. Tag Heuer, Omega and Seiko watches have a long history to back for them, and thus are the safe bets. You can search and compare watches from such brands at one-stop online destinations like Zimson and Luxury Bazaar to find the timepiece tailor-made for you. Think from mind while buying luxury watches that satiate your fancy of collecting unique models. Whenever you look for models from famous watch brands, restrict yourself to not-so-common pieces.
Parameters to judge a watch on
A watch nicely picked after considering all check parameters, can be passed on from parents to their child as a token of love and belonging. From the key qualities and features of a watch to its retain value, every aspect needs to be checked before you shell out your hard-earned money on an object you are passionate about.
  • Fit: Buying a luxury watch without considering your hand size can make it look out of place. Watches with a slim strap and small dial will look too feminine on larger wrist sizes, while too large and complex watches can spoil your entire purpose of investing on a timepiece of splendor.
  • Movement: Though the ‘tick tick’ of quartz watches make many go nostalgic, luxury watch makers prefer going with the fineness of the mechanical movement. It’s the intricate interior of a watch with mechanical movement that makes it a great piece of craftsmanship.
  • Style: It’s better to follow your individual taste than going randomly with what allures you in the first glance. The ideal way to keep your style neutral for all occasions is to prefer classic watch designs with a touch of the contemporary glamour. Watches for men, like, Seiko Men’s Recraft Black Nylon Strap Power Reserve Kinetic Watch, Tag Heuer Monaco, and Omega Speedmaster, etc. are for those who want to keep it minimal and sporty, at the same time. Omega Seamaster, Swarovski’s Lake of Shimmer, and the Coutura collection of Seiko watches are designed with a touch of perfection to adorn the elegant look of fashion-forward women.
What’s the best in your budget?
Even if your pocket doesn’t allow you to forget about your budget, then also you can go with your longing for a luxury watch. With brands like Seiko, Tissot, Tag Heuer, you will get the best of luxury watches that showcase classic everyday style with a touch of perfection. Watch models like Seiko Sumo and Seiko Monster will get instant nod even from the elites. You can get timepieces from popular brands like Seiko from online retailers like Zimson in a hassle-free manner.
A lot of effort goes in creating this functional timepiece of art, and so it also showcases the ambition of the creator. Also, every popular model of watches associates with it a long lineage of celebrities equally fond of it and also the inspiring history of the brand.

At the end, all the functional features that a watch has need to work as intended. A timepiece of art is worth investing in only when all its features are easy to operate and smooth in function.

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