16 August, 2016

Teaching tango in SFO

I have been teaching tango in SFO both in a studio in Redwood City and a pre milonga class organised by wonderful Ivan in Milonga La Paz.
SFO community is super friendly and warm. 
I am also teaching privates. If you would like to book a private with me, in SFO, do contact me. My email is kiran.sawhney@gmail.com There are limited slots available.
I am from India and trained in Tango. I also have training in Indian classical dances, yoga and pilates. I incorporate my knowledge of Indian classical dances and Yoga into teaching tango as well. It helps me to understand movement, balance, grace, embrace, connection and musicality. 
In India, I run the most popular tango school, organise milongas and tango festivals.

With awesome Ivan Shvarts. You must go to his milonga La Paz

With my friend Melissa. We had met in Buenos Aires years back. We still have fond memories of our trip.

My sister, niece and nephew driving me to milonga.

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