26 October, 2016

QRO Gourmeteriia: Restaurant Review

As I came nearer QRO Gourmeteriia, what stuck me was PWD- Underpass being constructed and metro construction on ring road. The roads were dug out. Of course, parking was a problem. In the same lane, in Satyaniketan, I saw many restaurants one after the other. There are 3 colleges, 50 plus restaurants that cater to 1000 students. So their priority customer satisfaction. In a student market everyone has budget issues. They are providing best in affordable budget. People find it value for money. This place is more than 2 year old. In this area best one wins. Yesterday only, 4 outlets closed in this market. Everyone here is providing best in terms of value for money, quantity, service, etc. It is made for college students but after 4 or 5 pm, it is more for families and couples. Then the vibe of the place changes.

As I entered, I noticed that the music was too loud (Read: blaring) and not so classy- tunuk tunuk ta ra ra in day time. It is a small a place. It was not so well lit- kind of dingy. The food was well priced-rather quite cheap and affordable. During day time, I could see students puffing sheesha. The place seemed apt for college students, who are on a shoestring budget. It has a 30 people cover as there are no bigger plot sizes in Satyaniketan.

I was served QRO sunshine. It is a nice shaded drink. I liked its colours. The taste was good too though a bit too sweet and artificial. 

Few other things I tried were:

Vegetarian Keema paav- It was so good, I had to ask again and again if it was vegetarian. It was made of soya. The paav was really soft.

Veg stroganoff- capsicum, mushroom, onion. Rs.190/-. It was nice but not my top favourite. It had too much white sauce and less mushroom. But again it is about pricing. In Rs.190/- how can they add bell peppers and mushrooms and serve with nice rice.

Fusion platter- It had salt & pepper, spring roll, mushroom duplex, lavash, onion grill, chilli garlic toast, hummus, sweet chilli.
I found the lavash soggy and mushroom undercooked. The Garlic bread and hummus were not the best ones I have had in town. But again comes the price point. In such low prices, it seemed to be real steal deal. Their expenditure are like any other market but their prices are super low and their work in tough competition. Ideally they would want to cater to crowd apart from students. I was told that students find this price also too high and ask for 10% discounts. Families should try this place during dinner. 

I also had Chilli momo, which is their USP. I found the fried momos too heavy. They told me that to keep younger generation happy and provide them with comfort food, they specially make things this way- add extra cheese to pizza, extra white sauce to veg stroganoff, fried momos and not steamed ones.

For dessert, I had
Brownie nutella waffle- again very heavy. 

It is a fusion cuisine. There is nothing authentic here. Everything has a desi (Indian) touch. When they started with authentic food, it was not received well. With fusion food, they got better response. They also incorporated Hookah bar.

For non vegetarians, you can try

Non veg peri peri chicken steak
Chilli momos non veg
Stuffed grilled chicken
Thin crust pizzas

What stuck me was the honesty of the owner. There was something very honest about the place. The staff and the owner seemed to be working tirelessly, giving personal attention to everyone and really trying to keep their customers happy. It is an enterprise by a young person who is striving and performing in arduous and difficult circumstances to make his dream project work. 
I really think families and public should support him. He will do everything in his capacity to deliver the best. 

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