27 October, 2016

Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips

Terra Adventure: Let the Journey begin
This Diwali I am super excited to spread the joy with Tera chips. They are an explosion of colours, textures, flavours and tastes. What is more is that they are made out of real vegetables. Eating Terra chips is a unique experience and nothing short of an adventure. The adventure starts even before your first bite. They are a perfect crunchy snack. They are perfect party snacks that can be served to the guests with different dips. My recent party was a big hit thanks to Terra chips. The guest loved them the most. They are real gourmet snacking. They are made from diverse range of root vegetables- naturally blue potato, yuca, parsnip, ruby dipped vegetable, sweet potato, batata, taro.
You can order them online on amazon or get them from big basket, nature's basket or even Foodhall.
You would never experience vegetables like this.
What is more, you can create many recipes out of these packets- appetisers and main dishes too.
I like the socially conscience company specially because they have their packaging in recyclable bags. The company also actively works with seed savers exchange. They work towards preserving the seeds.
Real vegetables are used in these e.g Batata is cuban sweet potato. Batata has been savoured in the Caribbean for centuries. It is light brown in colour. Then they use beet and candy striped beet, carrot, Kabocha which is also known as Japanese pumpkin. It is popular for its strong and yet sweet flavour, similar to butternut squash. They also use Yukon gold potato which is cultivated in Canada. Such exotic fruits and vegetables are sourced from all over the world and what you get is a very sophisticated snacking experience. The unique crunch surprises you and the beautiful colours are very intriguing. The taste makes you long for more. They are a tested and tried company for over two decades. Every vegetable is still hand picked and selected and prepared in small batches and packaged in distinctive simple black bags. 
This Diwali, bring home this joy, gift it to your loved ones and serve it to your guests. Celebrate this Diwali with Terra chips. Take a plunge and let the adventure begin. Every member in your family will compliment you for your choice.

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