26 November, 2016

Captain Grub: Restaurant review

Today we ordered from Captain Grub. It is known for its burgers and late night delivery. They serve American and fast food. Their delivery is super fast. What we ordered was:

1. Cajun spice potato wedges
2. Potato toasty burger combo
3. American corn salad
4. Veg Caesar salad
5. Cottage cheese steak. Less chilli
6. Garlic bread with cheese
7. Belgian dark chocolate fudge
8. Chocolate and salted caramel
9. Veg sliders

It came well packed and hot. The food was fresh and tasted great. The salads were nice and crunchy. The food was packed with nice ingredients and rich in flavours. The dessert was yummy. Everything was so finger licking good. The stomach just thanked me. I am still polishing off the dessert and finishing even the last crumb.  You must try this place.

My rating of Captain Grub: 5/5

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