27 November, 2016

Birdie Num Num: Restaurant review

Birdie Num Num is located on the ground floor of The Global Foyers Mall on the Golf Course road. It serves food from Pan India. Regional food, dishes from all over India, local dishes of Tamil Nadu, Bhutanese section, More from down south, even coastal food, Kolhapuri cuisine, etc.
Very few dishes are from North Indian. I must confess I had never tasted something like this before. If you want to taste food from other states, then this is a good restaurant to go to.
It is certainly busy during lunch hours in weekdays. They have a Cocktail bar, which has 20 signature cocktails and the list is still growing. They plan to change every 6 months. Recently they introduced 10 new winter cocktails.
I tasted their special Sunday brunch. The Sunday brunch is of 3 kinds. There is unlimited food and unlimited champagne or champagne cocktail. You stay and eat and drink as much as you can for hours and relax here.

I tasted

1.   Bhoot Jholokiya chilli cheese toast- It was loaded with cheese and was too spicy and hot.
2.   Himalayan potato dumpling
3.   Himalayan Chicken dumpling
4.   Kasundi scotch egg (mutton)
5.   Tibetan fried spinach- too oily
6.    Ramu’s Dahi Toast- spicy
7.   Carfeal cottage cheese
8.   Telangana chilli chicken- tooooo hot. Try it at your risk.
9.   Harissa chicken mutton 
10. Curry Leaf Chicken
11. Harissa mushroom & Potato
12. Veg Kerala Ishtew
13. Meena’s Madras Masala
14. Veg Xacuti

The modern ghavaan- sweet appam with jaggery sauce, rose syrup and cheese.

The name and place is inspired by movie Peter Sellers, The Party. In it there is a song that he sings to bird. There is Birdie Num Num scene. It went viral in 60’s. So came the inspiration for the name and then everything was designed around a bird. They have hay infusions at bar. They infuse popcorn with rum, breads- liquid bread- whisky based, saffron with gin infused. The concept is 
very original. They mix nothing plastic. Everything is being done in house. The idea is to give people experience. So they kept prices low and experience high. They have mixologist on board. Every day there is tasting happening. Malts are very cheap. They have cut down on their profits. Where else can you get Blue label at 999/- Single malt at 599/- ?

The food here was a new experience for me- a completely new cuisine. I will not say that I fell in love in very first bite but I did appreciate the new concept and the unique thought. If you plan to go for Sunday brunch, go only when you have ample time and you really plan to chill and enjoy the meal. 

My rating:

Uniqueness of concept, Innovative: 5/5
Taste of food: 4/5
Decor: 4/5
Music: 4/5
Value for money: 5/5
Service: bit slow. so 4/5
Hospitality: 5/5

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