27 November, 2016

Pho King Awesome: Restaurant Review

We had food delivered from Pho King Awesome today. They have Chinese, Vietnamese, Asian and Thai food.

What we ordered was:
1. Cold Roll- Tofu and mushroom
2. The king's pho- Tofu and mushroom
3. Crispy lotus stem
4. Massaman Curry with rice
5. Vegan bun box- vegan noodles completely made of carrots and zucchini
6. Vietnamese iced coffee

The food was so different (a different cuisine- Vietnamese). I have had Vietnamese cuisine in US and this was really authentic. 
The food was delivered bang on time, hot and fresh. The prices are very reasonable. The packaging is very basic and nothing fancy. It is practical. The portion sizes are enough for a family.
The ingredients seem fresh. The food is delicious and rich in flavours.
Overall a great experience.

My rating: 4.5/5

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