17 November, 2016

Eastern Cravings: Restaurant review

Eastern cravings is a newly opened joint in Eats of Kailash. They offer only take away and home delivery. Tonight we ordered food from there.
On their menu they have dimsums, finger foods, soups,  salads, noodles, meal box (all non vegetarian options) and mains.

We ordered:
1. five spice mushroom dimsum
2. snow peas and asparagus dimsums
3. spinach corn curry dimsums
4. edamame
5. veg spring rolls
6. jasmine rice
7. asian vegetable
8. stir fry noodles veg
9. phad thai noodles
10. stir fry pak choy and mushrooms.

It came in nice boxes with paper ribbon tape. It was a very quick service, delivered band on time, hot, fresh and very neatly packed.

How the food tasted?

Edamame was not Edamame but french beans. That was disappointing. It is like a advertising for cashew biscuit and adding peanuts instead of cashew nuts.
Jasmine rice was just plain steamed rice.
I did not like the spring rolls much.
I liked dimsums. Specially their packaging. It came with chopsticks, 4 different sauces, wet wipes, etc. Each dimsum was of a different shape and was loaded with fillings. They were yum.
Phad Thai noodles were quite good.

The rest of the food was delicious. The portion sizes were adequate. The vegetables were added generously.
Will we order again from here? Definitely yes. It was a good wholesome, delicious meal.

My rating: 4/5

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