17 November, 2016

Factory by Sutra: Restaurant Review

Factory By Sutra is located in Sector 29 in Gurgaon. This place is buzzing with restaurants, bars and lounges. The whole area has many of them and hence also a tough competition to survive. So much choice for customers and clients.
The theme of this place is to cater to factory people. Menu is specially designed to cater to them. They have basic items with their own twist to it.
When I went there last evening, there was a live music band. It was super loud (read noisy) and thumping. It was definitely not my type but people seemed to enjoy it. Maybe a different sensibility is needed for this kind of music.

It has a terrace that is smoking zone. They have their own brewery. The menu has items from all over India. Some of the things we tasted and which I would highly recommend are:
Delhi 6- old Chandni Chowk- stuffed Golgappa
Kurkuri bhindi nachos
Shahi paneer tikka
 Stuffed pita bread with stuffing butter chicken etc.
Lemon garlic fish- use thai flavours to infuse it and grill it and served with lemon buttery sauce- very refreshing taste.
Butter chicken khichdi. Butter chicken cooked in khichdi style.
Keema kaleji
Lahori mutton curry
 Mushroom hara pyaaz
Veg daal khichdi
Quesadillas- tortillas wrapped in cilantro, diced tomato, mixed cheese and fresh bell peppers, served with smokey tomato sauce.
Mixed veg biryani
Apple crumble
Chocolate lava cake
Factory blast- guava juice, chaat masala- like virgin mary- instead of tomato juice they put guava juice- Thick, little spicy, lots of ice, glass lined with salt for that extra punch.
Cosmopolitan- strong yet very tasty- best amongst all bars there.

Honey chilli potato, paneer tikka and peanut masala were just average.
The service was little slow- in fact quite slow.

Theme restaurants generally cater to particular age group or type of people. So let us rate it accordingly. The live band that was jarring for me, got lots of applaud from the crowd. People seemed to like it and I did not. So to be fair the rating should be for different age groups.

Age 20-35 - 4/5
40 and above 2.5/5

The food was good but not excellent. It was very good value for what we paid.


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