17 November, 2016

Woodchuck: Dig into Sandwiches

Generally when we go shopping in Hauz Khas village and are hungry, there are hardly any places where one can grab a quick meal. Hauz Khas is full of dingy lounges and bars but no place to have a bite on the go. To cater to this need, Woodchuck is a perfect concept. It is a brainchild of a young team helmed by a graduate from Les Roches, Switzerland, who have put lot of thought in little details, right from its name to its packaging or its logo. Yet, they stayed away from clutter and wanted simple, minimalistic look and feel rather than overpowering theme restaurant. They made it in a way that any age group will be comfortable here. They focused on food which is dry and can be had at any time of the day. It can even be taken away.
The cute restaurant serves only sandwiches, shakes, cold press juices and few desserts which are again in the form of sandwiches. But these sandwiches are not simple and plain sandwiches that are loaded with cheese. These have lot of flavours of vegetables, etc. in it. The concept is sandwiches that are prevalent around the world. So on their menu is gourmet international sandwiches.
Banh Mi- fusion of French and Vietnamese cuisine.
Gatsby- Originating in South Africa
Reuben- Native American
Moroccan Flat bread
Cubano- from the land of Uncle Sam
Philadelphia cheesesteak
Tortas- Mexican
Each category has vegetarian and non vegetarian options.

The menu is designed and folded like an Origami. It is easy to carry like their food, unlike a big brochure. 
The prices are very reasonable and there is a lot of variety to choose from. The average cost of a sandwich is Rs.200/-
They do their own breads and even prepare the dough in house. Nothing is pre-mixed. Even a simple lemonade was nicely done in their own version- Mexican. It tastes different from the regular lemonade. Each country has a different bread. They wanted to keep it very authentic and not a regular Indian sandwich. So they went around the world "digging" and researching for sandwiches. For Indian sensibilities, they avoided beef and added some vegetarian options. 
The breads range between Baguette, footlong, Rye, Khobz bread, pita bread, cuban bread, Bolilo bread, etc.
The customer here gets a feel of a cosy cafe. 
The packaging is very impressive. It is easy to carry, no fuss and clean. You can take it along, and place it on your lap to eat. The box has a tray that slides out. It is convenient, well presented and very practical.
The entrepreneurs, who started this had a very clear vision. They focused on quality food, without being too overpowering. Like a Woodchuck, who digs for food, they have been digging world over for perfect food. That is why their walls have shovels and their logo has a shovel.
Whenever you are hungry and want to have a delicious sandwich, this is a place I recommend to go to.

Cold press juices

Chocolate cookie shake

Baby corn sticks. You can have this with your sandwich instead of french fries.

Spinach and mushroom affair

chickpea sticks

Juicy eggplant &Zucchini, coupled with hummus, sundried tomatoes & feta cheese

shovels on the walls

Crusty corn & spinach rice- mexican rice, tomato, salsa, refried beans with crunchy corn & spinach cake

Shortbread ice cream sandwich

apple pie panini

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