16 November, 2016

The Clock Tower: Restaurant Review

The clock tower restaurant is in Gurgaon. I went there with group of friends last evening. The restaurant was easy to locate and had its own parking lot. The theme of the restaurant is old victorian era and special emphasis on clock tower. It felt like walking through dormitory, wooden staircase (without support), they have a special- Allumnus corner that reminds you of old school, faculty pictures. The patrons get their pictures.
There are different walls- tin tin wall, Asterix, common man’s wall-RK Laxman’s wall, the smoking zone has a wall with theme Malgudi days, first 7 volumes. There is sports section. They have a beautiful and cosy balcony. That too is a smoking zone. You can also have food there. They have a gorgeous terrace. It is still not open yet. Then they have a phase 5 wall. The coloured part on it showed where we are and their neighbours and rest of Gurgaon.

They have their own craft breweries. It is their speciality. It is manual. Every step is monitored manually. On both floors, there are taps- old looking on 1st floor, on ground floor also. The manual beer plant is a Slovanian plant.

They have 6 diff beers- Helles, Marzen, British summer ale, Trapist, English brown ale, Belgian wit (wheat beer). All beers are brewed manually. Belgian triple is 8% alcohol. They have a special workshop with google tomorrow- 17th November. I was intrigued to learn that they are so precise in getting right flavours that they even have their own water for different beers.

They make some beers strong and bitter, the way people had it 200 years ago. They do not have just 4 different beers which are same otherwise but different colours. Their beers are really different. The beers have vitamins and minerals. Some are made from raw wheat 100%- really authentic. In December 4 new beers coming out. The in house brewmaster judges everything on parameters- aroma, flavour, texture, etc and brews the best beers.

Ground floor has clock- running Charlie Chaplin. See the pictures. I was fascinated to see it. They also have live bands and jazz nights.

Our welcome drink was
The beer shikanji

For drinks we had:
Pina Colada. It feels best when you are sipping it on the beach. It had less pineapple. Nevertheless, it was good.
Mandarin sour-Mandarin chunks with kiwi pup and and hint of cranberry

Homemade corn jalapeno poppers with ranch dressing and sweet chilli sauce.
The venetian pizza- with bell peppers. This was not so good.
Murg malai tikka- Awesome
Vegetarian spring roll- Okay
Bun tikki- okay.
Chilli paneer
Mezze platter

Chef Siddharth churns out old style dishes from70’s 80’s-
Spring rolls, kathi rolls, Maggi, etc.

The choice of music was really nice. All my favourite numbers.

Lahsooni saag with garlic naan
Chicken red curry- thai with steamed rice
Veg green thai curry
Banger and mash potatoes with sausages- snail sausage- made of pork. Garlic chicken krauker sausage. – very good. The best one so far.
Vegetable strongoff
Peri peri cottage cheese steak. Yum.

Banoffee pie- Loved 3 of these.
Chocolate cake-  death by chocolate- mostly flourless.
Our unanimous rating about the place on a scale of 5.

Ambience- wooden- 4.5
Main course- 4.5
Appetisers- 4
Desserts-fantastic- 4.5
Beers- easily 5/5 no one else is doing it
Clock 6/5

Overall 4.


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