18 December, 2016

Mexican restaurant in Sri Lanka: MEX

If you are in Colombo and crave to have Mexican food, the best and the only option is MEX in hotel Casa Colombo collection. It is a boutique hotel. 
The building 200 years old. The ceiling and floor are same antique.
In their menu, first step is to pick the base, then filling and then salsa. Simple and easy. There are many options and you get to enjoy your meal amidst beautiful ambience.
Lot of parties, cocktails etc. at pool side. Their pool is called pink pool because at night, it is glowing pink.
I tried their nachos, vegetables de la cruz, mango pineapple salsa, creamy coconut lemongrass soup, quesadillas, salad bowl, margarita and jumbo prawns.
For desserts, I tried passion fruit flan and Belgian chocolate empanadas.
The food was delicious and truly authentic Mexican.
The ambience was fantastic and the service was really nice. The price is not super cheap but you find it good value for what you pay because of delicious food.

My rating for the restaurant 4.5/5

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