20 December, 2016

Negombo in Sri Lanka

After Colombo, the second city that I visited in Sri Lanka is Negombo. It is 37 km from Colombo. This was a perfect idea of my holiday- to relax, do nothing, go slow, walk, jog, swim, read, stroll on the beach, etc. This is exactly what I did. I am staying in Jetwing hotel. Jetwing is supposed to be the biggest chain of hotels in Sri Lanka.
I have one habit (very good habit, if I may add). Whenever I visit any new city, no matter how tired or jet lagged I am, I go out for an early morning walk or jog. This gives me the sense of the city, makes me oriented and of course makes me so fresh and relaxed. Walking and jogging early in the morning, gives me a perspective about the place. Sitting in the car in crowded and rush hours do not give me the same
Negombo is one straight road. Just one straight road. I saw few churches and few temples. Nothing too over the top interesting. There were too many stray dogs on the road that also hampered my early morning peace. 
Coming back to the hotel was the nicest and most relaxing day I had. After 7 km of morning walk/jog, I headed to the pool. It is 45 metre long. I did 1000 metre and came out hungry. There was delicious spread of morning breakfast and I ate to my heart's content.
After that I sat lazing around with my book. I am reading The Indian girl by Chetan Bhagat. The bok is super captivating. I just cannot seem to close the book.
I sat reading the whole afternoon. Then I had a nice lunch by the beach side and read some more. I took an evening stroll by the beach by the sunset. It was sublime and divine. Dinner was at a nearby Sushi bar.
Negombo has slowed me. I am relaxing and rejuvenating. This is my idea of quintessential vacation. Wish everyday could be like this. 

I am super impressed by Jetwing hotel. Any hotel that is environment friendly and conscious scores some point. The hotel is so huge, warm, inviting and the staff is kind. The rooms are BIG and not cramped like regular hotel room.

See the eco friendly packaging.

Instead of plastic bottles that are either thrown away or taken by tourists, these are good options. Nice bottles of glass that are refilled.

Bath salts

45 metre long swimming pool. 

One straight road of Negombo

Healthy breakfasts.

King coconut is supposed to be very healthy. 

Lunch by the beach

Evening tea 

Dinner at Sushi Bar

Day 2- Picture time. 

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