04 January, 2017

The Grill Kitchen- Gourmet: Restaurant review

The Grill Kitchen- Gourmet home delivers the food. It is based in Greater Kailash-1. it serves North Indian and Continental cuisine only.
Yesterday we ordered from there
1. Paneer Aflatooni
2. Cheesy Broccoli
3. Dal Makhani
4. Nawabi Malai Kofta
and mixed breads.

Their menu is vast and it is difficult to choose from so much great variety. The food was finger licking good. It got polished off within minutes. It tasted yum. It was packaged well and delivered bang on time.

1. Pretty reasonable
2. Delicious food
3.Well packaged
4. Large variety to choose from
5. Delivered on time
Our top favourite was Paneer Aflatooni

Bit too heavy. 
While I loved Broccoli and I have never had it so good, I am lactose intolerant and it gave me stomach ache. But it was really not fault of the dish. If you are Okay with cheese, you will love it.
Wish the portion sizes were more. 

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Highly recommend it.

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