10 January, 2017

Elevation Training Mask

Remember movie Pink? Amitabh Bachchan in the movie wore a mask. Most of you thought that it was a mask for pollution. That is not correct. It was elevation training mask. It really helps you to train better. Virat Kohli, our famous cricketer is also using it for his training.

The Training Mask is used during different forms of physical exercise by people who practice yoga, martial arts, extreme sports, mountain climbing and so forth. As a first step, it is necessary to understand why modern people have low body O2 content, are unfit, and suffer from diseases. Many people assume that the Elevation Training Mask is just another breathing device that is created to strengthen respiratory muscles and mimic effects of high altitude. However, it is not accidental that people claim more benefits after using the Training Mask in comparison with other resistive devices.
When a person breathes with resistance, he or she gets less oxygen for the lungs. The Training Mask can be used with different valves in order to model sensations similar to high altitude. However, when the person exercises at high altitude, he or she has increased ventilation, which causes reduced CO2 levels in the lungs, arterial blood and other body cells.
Training Mask will make your workouts more efficient, period. By training at a higher intensity than you typically would, you are able to burn more calories in less time. In essence you could get the benefit of a 25-minute workout in as little as 10-12 minutes. It is not uncommon for us to hear reports from our customers that they noticed a difference in their training intensity in as little as 14 days.
The science behind the effectiveness of the training mask is solid, rock solid. There have been a number of studies showing the efficacy of respiratory muscle training, and nothing trains the muscles of breathing as good as the Training Mask. You will notice the difference as your diaphragm and intercostals are targeted while you breathe through the mask. Breathing will literally feel different as you take fuller and deeper breaths against resistance. You know the ‘wall’…we have all been there. The point in your work set when you can’t breathe hard enough to continue. Training Mask will give you the stamina you need so that you can break through that wall to set new personal bests in your workouts, or favourite sport.
Clad by various professional athletes, the sleek resistance breathing tool is different than others because it provides a carbon dioxide (CO2) re-breathe, meaning the air within the mask that you’re breathing out actually has greater CO2 content than the air outside of the mask. This re-breathe increases the efficiency of oxygen exchange.
The pH levels within the body go up because we force the oxygen molecule that binds to the red blood cell to carry more oxygen up to the extremities. In return, the waste product, lactic acid, gets dumped out, so it cleanses the system as well. Energy levels go up as the lactic acid goes out.
Since the mask can be adjusted to restrict increasingly greater amounts of oxygen, the adaptation effect may get you ready for training/living at high altitudes, where there is less oxygen available. Even if you don’t plan to live or train at high altitude, the Training Mask can beneficial for improving aerobic endurance and cardiovascular fitness. A  general Training Mask protocol of three mask-wearing cardio training sessions a week for six weeks will yield noticeable results.
The main results from running with the mask are better cardio, lung volume, and oxygen efficiency within the bloodstream in addition to re-training the way you breathe.
Aside from running, the unique device can be worn during various physical activities including circuit and mixed martial arts training to establish proper breathing technique and get your respiratory system acclimated to a lack of oxygen.
Strap on the Training Mask and use it properly to strengthen your breathing muscles and avoid getting gassed during cardio.
You might get a few odd glances wearing this in the gym, but this bizarre-looking mask is the latest fitness tool promising to enhance your workout and help you to lose weight. 
The Elevation Training Mask is designed to provide resistance training for the lungs, increase breathing capacity and improve the body's use of oxygen - by restricting the amount taken into the body during exercise. It promises to enhance your performance by improving your red blood cell count.
By mimicking the effects of high-altitude training, effectively taking you up to 18,000ft above sea level, the mask - which costs Rs.11,000/- originally is available on Amazon here for Rs.9972/- and if you buy from us, it is for Rs.4000/-.or $60. It is excluding the shipping cost.
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