16 August, 2017

The Great Kabab Factory, North Indian, Mughlai cuisine, Delhi.

The Great Kabab Factory is located on the first floor (actually Ground Floor) of the 5 star hotel Radisson Blue Plaza at Mahipalpur, just 10-15 minutes from International airport, so if you arrived in Delhi around noon – it’s a great opportunity to have an excellent lunchtime.
The most famous point of that place is that the menu has been collected from the lost recipes of North Indian cousin (actually not only North Indian, the tasty Hyderabady Silbatte Ke Kachhe Ghost ka Kabab is also served here).  To some extent, the lunch process is similar to the buffet type; however, you do not need to run around with your own plate, but well-dressed waiters serve all the dishes at your table.  I was not able to finish enjoying the previous portion when our waiters were already delivering a new one.
It was completely not easy for me to understand the names of the dishes in the menu, although the short explanation in English always follows, you actually do not need to choose.  The only choice you made – vegetarian or non-vegetarian.  Then the process starts without your involvement.  Relax and enjoy!
Notwithstanding daytime and quite a remote location, The Great Kebab Factory restaurant was almost full. The majority of visitors choose vegetarian (by the end of lunch I also realized, that a number of non-veg dishes, which are offered for the fixed price, was too much for me). I was going to that restaurant with some scepticism and more with some curiosity.  Here a number of spices were exactly as the required proportion so that the taste of the food was excellent.  For me its one of the main criteria – one should understand what is prepared – meat or fish (and some time under the spices it is not so easy to recognize).
The beautifully decorated walls and ceiling also add to the overall enjoyment level.  
Big round tables with pool view are excellent for the big company.
During approximately two hours, we tried almost everything on the menu: grilled chicken and meat, tandoor meat, BBQ style meat, even fish was served (although it was not mentioned in the menu). In the beginning, you get that very beautiful and tasty appetitive- gol gappa. Very extraordinary taste.  In addition, necessary to mention that sauces served were exactly combinable with the dishes, some of them spicy, but others are sweet, like pineapple sauce, which I enjoyed the most.
I would recommend not being in a rush and keeping your stomach ready, because actually, the dishes brought to you all are so tasty and delicious, that in the end you will be very sorry being not able to accept and enjoy more.  When after half our waiter asked me if I am ready for the main course – I was shocked and slightly upset.  I did not recognize, that dishes brought to us, in the beginning, was only starters, and my stomach was already full.   
The main course – is Dal and Biryani. I did not know before that biryani could be prepared not only with rice but with vermicelli also. By the way, the taste again was very soft and delicious. In addition, needless to mention – the garlic naan was excellent – that is my favourite with all the food.
The tastiest and unforgettable dish to me was Murg Kebab Gorkhar (Chicken breast staffed with nuts sauce). On that picture, it may look not so appetising, but in reality, it was delicious (will enjoy eating even until the fingers).
You should come here not for quick bite but have spare one hour – try not to be in the rush and slowly try all the fabulous dishes prepared by staff, you will enjoy from each and every portion  
From the drinks (although non-alcoholic) - «Blue topaz» is the favourite signature cocktail and very much recommended to try.  
There was almost zero space for deserts; however, it was impossible to leave that place without trying the famous Indian ice cream with pistachios, sweets, Kulfi and Jaleby with Rabri.
I like to discover the new recipes. When next time I will be deciding, where to bring our friend for lunch or dinner – one of the main choices will be the Great Kebab Factory at Radisson Blue Plaza.

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