05 September, 2017

Silk Saree online

Silk Sarees have their own charm. They can be your party wear sarees. Pure silk sarees are a must have in your wardrobe. In Indian dresses, sarees, top the list always. I have been doing silk sarees online shopping. I have recently added to my collection some kalamkari sarees, silk cotton sarees, bandahni saree, south Indian sarees, pattu sarees, etc. 
This saree is about 25 years old. The base is cream color with gold checks. The border and the pallu is red patola. I am wearing it with a red T shirt. 
Blogging or social media is strange. It makes people believe in one sided things that are shown to them. No one puts on social media the pictures or videos of being sad, angry, frustrated, dissapointed, etc. You see everyone happy, traveling, partying, with friends, etc. That is not complete life. 
So always take bloggers and social media with a pinch of salt. No one is perfect. No one's life is perfect. A pro blogger portrays perfection. He or she knows what to filter and what to project to the world. 

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