19 September, 2017

Kashmiri embroidered saree

This saree is more than 25 years old. The Kashmiri embroidery on it is called sozini/sozani/suzani work. It is one of the finest work done by one of the best embroidery workers in Srinagar. I bought it from
Kashmir shawl emporium
94, MM Janpath, New Delhi.
I must admit, it is not one of my favorite colors and hence this saree saw a daylight after many years. I have paired it with a floral top from Derhy that I have worn here and here before.
The silver jewelry- green pendant, pearl earrings, and bangles were bought from dad (he is a jeweler). Check the clearer picture of the gorgeous pendant here.

Sarees have some unimaginable grace in them. Do you know that research has proven that if a woman has to strike some very important deal and if she wears a saree, her chances of success become 60% more. Sarees weave some magical allure around them. The best part is that Sari can be worn in any way, it can make you look very attractive and beautiful and it can also give you a traditional look.

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