05 October, 2017

South Indian silk saree at a friend's party

Imperative South Indian sarees are from South India which is a treasure trove of handloom sarees with age old weaving clusters spread out in the remotest corners. Following the centuries old legacy and passing on the skill from generation to generation, the makers of south Indian handloom sarees have not just managed to keep the handloom industry afloat but also made it a popular wear world wide by reinventing and refurbishing their weave from time to time. Some of the handloom sarees from south that have made a mark for themselves are Kanchipuram silks, Arni silks and Salem silks from Tamil Nadu, Bangalore silks, Mysore silks and Mysore chiffons from Karnataka and Kasavu silk and cotton sarees from Kerala. Andhra Pradesh is the producer of maximum varieties of South Indian silk sarees and south Indian cotton sarees some of them being Dharmavaram silks, Gadwal silks, cottons, Pochampally silks and cottons, Mangalgiri cottons, Uppada soft silks and Narayanpet silks. All in all, these silk sarees are an apotheosis of grace, beauty and above all, fashion. These silk sarees are considered a pilgrim centre for sericulturists.They are known for their simplicity, purity and fine texture of silk. They are characterised by their heavy weight looks and their light soft and smooth texture. They are light weight and airy. Their specialty lies in their well adorned pallus and broad ornate borders. Crafted in a variety of captivating colour combinations and alluring designs, these silk sarees are eye catchy and carry an aura of grandeur around them. This is the reason why these sarees today are trending on special occasions.

Well, I wore a South Indian Silk saree today complete with traditional gold jewellery and gajra (jasmine flowers in hair). Festivities are in the air. Diwali is close and card parties have started. This is what I wore to a dear friend's card party and lunch today. Day perfectly spent with super special friends.

The Same group of friends, at the same house. See more pictures here.


  1. India is known for a lot of things, and one of them is South Indian Sarees. All these South Indian sarees are just amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice post. Indian tradition is unique and different in the World. I like to wearpattu saree at every festival.