03 October, 2017

Vintage saree

I wrote earlier here how I got a lot of my Mom's sarees that she does not feel like using anymore. You might have also read my views on sustainable fashion. I believe that clothes should be shared and recycled. My mom and my sister are the only two persons I am comfortable sharing my clothes with. 

Vintage sarees have a charm in them. They have survived the test of time. They have stood resilient and been loyal. They have many stories and memories to share. Sarees from mom's closets are special. They remind you how your mom wore them.
I do not put any pins in my saree. I feel it hurts them. They tear and get tiny holes. I like my sarees free-flowing, loose, not tucked with lots of pins and made too tight. This saree from my mom's closet is lovely, dreamy, soft cotton. I paired it with a phulkari blouse that had similar shades of pink and mauve that are there in the saree.

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