25 December, 2017

Bullion stitch flowers on a saree

This saree is about a decade old and worn for the first time (not a good thing. I admit). Many years back I got this very fine pure silk fabric for 4 sarees. It was pure white, with a self-weave. It could be dyed in any colour. I got 4 different colours dyed and 4 different sarees made. This was one of them. I got this dyed to turquoise blue and a hand embroidery is done with bullion stitch flowers on it. Today I paired it with pink sweater given to me by my sister.
I am a person, who feels extra cold and Delhi winters are harsh. But just pair your sarees with a simple sweater and you are good. Saree keeps you nice and fresh in summers and warm in winters. That is the magic of a saree. Try it.

Another piece of news. I stood up in elections of the area where I stay. My team did not win but I won as my block representative. I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and stood by me. I am filled with gratitude and would try my best to work for people around me. 

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