24 December, 2017

Kadappa Saree

Call me old school (yes I am proud of that) but I like correct English. In fact, I dislike slangs and short forms that some people may think are "cool". Some words that put me off  are:

Breca- breakfast
deets- detail
peeps- people
Congo- Congratulations
Deez- These
Dem- Them
Defo- Definitely
Demo- demonstration

I am a generation that grew up with Wren & Martin and Oxford Dictionary. I have grown up in times when handwritten letters, handmade greeting cards were a norm, unlike Facebook and WhatsApp messages. A popular hobby was collecting stamps.  To gather information, I relied on Encyclopedia. I had to coax my parents to buy me a set of one. We did not have Google. We knew our maths and calculated. We were not given calculators at an early age. In fact, we had no electronic gadgets to play. 
Today we express our happiness and laughter with lol or ROFL. Emojis have taken over. 
Well, today's generation is about short texts and emails. Today's relationships are "it's complicated", friend, unfriend, follow, unfollow, delete, block, breakups, etc. 
Today we live in a time when every girl seems perfectly made up- full makeup, smokey eyes, contouring, highlighting, hair colours, hair done up from the parlour, fake eyelashes, gel nails, well-manicured hands, etc. In such times, what stands out is simplicity. Someone who could not care less. I am not saying, become shabby. I am emphasising on going back to the roots. Finding, preserving and connecting with your true self. 
"Old is gold" is not just a saying. It has so much meaning in it. Whether it is the older generation who has so much wisdom and loving hearts or old fashion and things. Look back, rewind and take pride in vintage. It is classy. 
Take pride in handloom. It may not be designerwear or branded with some famous label. It is the hard work of weavers and artisans. Handwoven is not always super expensive. Our government does subsidise many handlooms to make it "affordable handloom". Handloom may look very simple and nothing extravagant but it certainly has an innate and perennial beauty that trained eyes can appreciate. Besides, you should be taking pride in adorning something on which someone has painstakingly put their time, energy and effort.
Our generation took pride in family, values, system, etc. For them, parents could never be wrong. Even if they were, we could not dare voice it. In a small town, the life, the dreams and aspirations were simple. 
Does that make me sound ancient? Maybe. Or maybe I am nostalgic. 

What I am wearing:
It is called Kadappa saree. This is from Andhra Pradesh and is an affordable handloom. Especially because it is subsidised by the government. It is an absolute thing of joy. These beauties cost a meagre Rs.580/-. For a long time, I wanted to have one but was not finding the one I really liked. Most of them are plain with striped borders. I wanted this kind of lots of colours and stripes. As you can see, it can be paired with 10 different colours. Although it is cotton, it kept me so warm and snug in this peak winter. I teamed my stripes with polka dot sweater, given to me by my sister. I am almost tempted to buy more of these (especially because it is so affordable) but I am restraining myself. 
The saree pallu had light weavers society seal, which I am told, will go with washing
These are sarees woven under weavers society association.

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