01 December, 2017

Strength over acceptance

GES2017 talks about women first, prosperity for all. Women are supposed to be an incarnation of Shakti- the Goddess of power.
Karen Quintos, said that women must be confident in themselves and their capabilities. She advised women to "stay the course" when things get difficult on their road to success during remarks at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit plenary session.
We have to find solutions so women can do better at what they do without giving up on their enterprises. Capacity, confidence, capital are the three things women entrepreneurs need to flourish.
The beginning is always tough but one has to keep pushing themselves & their boundaries.

My opinion on this is that women have an innate strength within them- mental, emotional and also physical. It is okay to choose strength over acceptance. To me, that is the choice every woman must make in a very misogynistic world, you either choose to be strong and powerful, or you choose to be loved and accepted.

Many men detest strong and powerful women. They get intimidated by independent women. I am not talking just about financial independence here. A woman who thinks also independently is seen by men as a threat. Men like to be a knight with a shining armour for the damsel in distress. Our childhood stories have taught us that the lonely, wretched princess has to be saved by the prince who will come to her rescue, she should wait for him patiently and do nothing on her own. It is ego boosting for men to prove to be Hercules. In fact, dumb blondes are more appealing to men. The patriarchal society has laid different rules for men and women. 
I implore the strong and independent woman not to feel ashamed of being so. In fact, exalt in this feeling. Keep the fire ignited. My book Love, Lonely or Alone, describes how it is okay to be alone. 

I am wearing 25-year-old printed silk saree with paisley motifs. This saree is extraordinary in its length and width. It has a very thin thread border. The pleats fall beautifully. I teamed it with Pankaj and Nidhi crop top.

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