02 December, 2017

Why must you invest in sarees?

It is a known fact in my family and I am saying it without any favouritism but very proudly that my dad is the wisest man in the family. The things that he has bought are timeless beauties. The sarees that he bought for me, 25 years back as part of my wedding trousseau, are still in trend. The exquisite Kanjeevarams that he handpicked for me are the best ones I have to date. This saree below that I am wearing goes back 25 years. It is a combination champagne colour and vermillion red. The body has a texture. I assume it is Jacquard silk. The border and pallu have bandhani print on it. There is also thick gold thread border and tiny stones. The saree is intact for so many years and is evergreen. I accessorised it with glass bangles that I bought in Varanasi and tiny earrings.
Sarees, in general, are classic pieces. Especially the traditional ones. They are heritage properties. Invest in these perennial, elegant, works of arts. They are like old wines. The older they are, the better and more precious they become. 

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