03 December, 2017

Sarees that have a mind of their own

Elegance is a statement. Elegant women are always more confident. Off late, I am caught up in admiring the beauty of our rich textile heritage. It is about touching them, feeling them, admiring them and draping them. The dresses have taken backstage and I love being swaddled in six yards. The saree is not a garment but an emotion. It is a misconception that a saree is not very comfortable. In our country, millions of women don this attire all year round 24/7 and do all their domestic chores, field work and every other work clad in a saree. It is the most versatile garment, very easy to drape, very comfortable to move around, evergreen in fashion, suitable for all-weather, suitable for every occasion and every body type. 
Today I went to DCWA fair with my friend and wrapped this saree from Odisha. This is not my usual colour palette. Although I love greys, I do not have many greys in sarees. So it was an experiment that took me out of my comfort zone. This saree was not super easy to arrange. Or I should say not as easy most of the other sarees. I tried slightly different drape over an old T-shirt. But the width of the saree seemed smaller. I will have to let fall in folds more often to tame this piece. It needs to be broken-in and be disciplined. Let us await The taming of the shrew.

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