06 December, 2017

Saree is not a "Hindu" garment

Do not associate saree with Hindutva or the National cause. Saree has been adorned in all the states of India, by women of all walks of life. Muslim actresses have worn it. The majority of saree weavers are Muslims. It is their only source of income. Most of the intricate motifs done on sarees are inspired by Mughals. Even if our current government is promoting saree, their efforts to do so should be applauded.
Multinational companies have successfully promoted their products and made us feel bad about our national products. We all know the benefits California almonds but we have been told that peanuts produced in Maharashtra will give us high cholesterol. Wine is good for the heart. In Indian households, we do not get wines. We get pickles. Pickles are our wines. But now we have been told that pickles are high in salt and will give us high blood pressure. The fact is that the generation which had pickles never had high blood pressure. Pickles aid in the absorption of vitamin D which is essential for absorption of Calcium, which is very vital for bones. So if you want healthy bones, have pickles.
These companies promoted that exercise can only be done in workout clothes. Whereas, Yoga was traditionally done in Kurta and Pajama and women wore sarees and walked and did all the work. Now everyone feels that it is impossible to work out in a saree. Let me tell you it is possible. Yesterday, I shot for a Tv channel, wearing a saree and showing every possible Yoga asana. You can see some of the scenes pictures here. They are on my Instagram. The episode will be aired soon and I will upload it when it is aired.

In the meanwhile, this is the second saree I wore yesterday for a beautiful evening in Artussi. In my next blog post, I will post pictures of the evening.

This saree is 25 years old saree. It was gifted by my parents. It has silk and gold zari thread. It has gorgeous hues of cream, gold and green. The camera is not doing full justice to its colours. It has subtle shades of dull gold, especially when it moves. The blouse, which is part of the saree is also 25 years old. It has not been altered. It has very interesting Mughal print on it. See the beauty of sarees. It is evergreen and always trendy. I paired it with Kundan earrings and bracelet in keeping with its Mughal and royal detailing.

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