08 December, 2017

Unleashing the saree

Saree has something about it that transports you to a state of mind that is happy, peaceful, contented, feeling pure and yogic in nature. It connects you back to your roots. You can never go wrong with simple classic sarees. Less is more. This sartorial heritage is straight from the looms. Remember the invaders came to India, for our treasures- silks. Today we have given up on our classic heirlooms for lycra and polyester. People value brands, denim, etc. Sarees are wrapped and packed and tucked away. It is time to dig them out, breathe life into them, listen to their stories, move your fingers gently on its folds, rub them to your cheeks and of course, wear them proudly.

This saree came out after 5 years (ashamed of myself. But I am going to rectify this from now onwards). See the last time I wore it here. Today the accessories and the blouse was different. 

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