23 March, 2018

Phulkari saree

Hand embroideries like Phulkari have a special place in history and tradition. These are the heritage of Punjab. These days cheaper and more commercial machine embroideries are also available but they just do not look or feel the same. Phulkaris generally are made in very bright colours. So when my mom asked me to choose a gift for myself, I chose this muted and subtle colour, I found it very different from the rest. It is done on softest chiffon. It was a gift from mom. I have worn this saree here before. Phulkari literally means flower work. That is why I paired it with a floral top that I have paired with a skirt earlier here and with trousers here.
Traditionally Phulakri was done on odhni (scarf), dupatta and shawls and it was used for ceremonial occasions like weddings. Traditionally it was done on coarse hand woven cotton fabric with floss silk threads. Traditionally the family members embroidered these for their own personal use and they were not for sale. In 2011, Phulkari was awarded GI status in India.

Now some words of wisdom. I have started strongly believing in one thing- No one in this world can judge you, make you feel bad, good, guilty, etc except you and you yourself. 
So live your life exactly the way you want to, without caring for what others think about you. 

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