28 March, 2018

Satya Paul printed saree

As I wrote in my previous post, I bought a number of Satya Paul printed heavy crepe sarees, when they had launched more than two decades back. Such prints, colour combinations, heavy and pure crepes were not easily available then. Today, they are more common. In between, for about a decade or so, I was wearing sarees less. Sometimes there was an urge to get this converted to suit or dress. I am glad that I resisted that urge. I would advise everyone to hold on to their sarees. Do not get them converted. They never go out of fashion and look good whenever and wherever you wear them. They withstand all the changes in fashion and stand by you very loyally. So they deserve to be loved.
There is an array of costume jewellery available today. There are a plethora of options in silver, beads, etc. Everything looks good with sarees- gold, silver, diamond, costume, etc. But what looks stunning is a simple string of pearls. Would you agree?

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