03 April, 2018

Latest Bags this season

Branded and labelled bags now seem a passé. Seen it all and done it all. Today the trend is of party clutches and ethnic potli bags. These look trendy, fun and fashionable. They certainly make a statement are here to stay.
One does not feel like investing in lakhs of rupees in a bag and then be left with no money to put inside that super exorbitant bag. Also one does not want to flaunt the name or initials of certain brand written all over on the bag. Instead, why not buy something that is cruelty-free, has not harmed any animal or its baby to make your bag. What is in vogue are ethnic potlis made of rich fabrics and embellished with intricate embroideries, zardozi, beads, etc.  À la mode clutch will set you apart from the rest. It is a class apart. I have been buying these clutches and potlis that are available on Jivanaa. Believe me, the number of compliments these receive, none of the branded or labelled bags will ever get. Carry them on your travels internationally and see how people appreciate your unique choice.
These potlis and clutches are sui generis and swanky. You can match them with your outfits. They look good with westerns as well as ethnic wear. They are easy to maintain, pocket-friendly and also environment-friendly. They are convenient to carry and accommodate all your essentials. Adding these to your ensemble would really make you feel like a princess- a feel that no leather designer bag/tote can ever give. These are modern, colourful and creative. The fakes of the designer bags have really brought down their value. Times today are moving towards these cute potlis and clutches.
You can gift these at weddings to all your friends. They can be amongst Mehendi favours that all your guests will swoon over.
You can pack any gift in these and give it to your loved one. It could be jewellery or cash or simple almonds or maybe a bottle of wine. Everyone will love your idea.
A woman dressed in a saree, bindi on her forehead, mogra in her hair and potli in her hand- no one can ever go wrong with this attire. Now in your imagination, replace the potli with a big designer branded bag stamped with logos all over and the image is of wannabe. One small thing can make or break your entire ensemble. So choose carefully. There is whole online shopping site of Jivaana to choose from. What are you waiting for?

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