10 April, 2018

Sharing is really not caring

I have been wanting to write this post for a long time but had been restraining myself. As a blogger who has been blogging for over a decade now, I have set few rules for myself. My posts are not generally in real time. If you are following me on Instagram, you can observe that I will not always post current post. To maintain my own privacy and security, I post randomly. I do not always want to reveal my current location. So one can never know if I am in India or Alaska by reading my post. They are mostly scattered. Secondly, I do not showcase each and every nook and corner of where I am. I restrict to a particular small area which might be repeated often. Third, I try to keep most of my opinions to myself. I am mostly very general.
But here in this post, I am going to reveal some of my strong opinions. One is about sharing. I really do not think that sharing is caring. I think being selfish is good at times. I see many saree groups online with a new fad of sharing sarees. It is being called ghadi modane. I do, however, relate to travelling saree though. In that, you wear a saree only once, get it dry cleaned and send it to the next person. The two people I am super comfortable in sharing clothes is my mom and my sister. Maybe also my son's T-shirt. I love to get their hand me down clothes and I love to share mine with them. I might not be able to share my treasured sarees with anyone else. Especially not social media acquaintances.
You go to watch a movie with a group of friends. Most of the people are comfortable sharing a bucket of popcorn and sometimes even cola. My rule- each one should have their own small or big packet of popcorn and drink. Why should multiple hands be going inside the popcorn packet and drinking from the same straw? Then one has to extend a hand to grab a fistful of popcorn from another person and again wait to be offered. Get your own and don't share, should be the rule.
In your fitness, one has to be super selfish. Get up and go for your morning jog or workout. If you wait for friends, it seldom happens. Everyone has their own schedules, stamina, speed, pace, time allocated for a workout, etc. You cannot let your plan be dependent on others. Most of the people end up not going for their walk or jog or workout because their friend did not show up or maybe reached late. In the morning, even five minutes of extra sleep is precious. Why should you wait for a friend for five minutes extra when you could have slept for those five minutes. Now that you are ready, you should go. So be selfish for your workouts.
When I travel, I am selfish about my suitcase. I do not like to share that. It's my space and I like to keep it organised (or unorganised) my way. So if anyone asks me to add even their tiniest thing in my space, it bothers me.
There are things I am comfortable with sharing like sharing a car. It is good to carpool. Sharing a meal (of course in your own separate plate), sharing knowledge, laughter, sharing tango (absolutely).
As you can see, I draw lines. I create a radar around me. One can only reach so far but further than that, no more. There is a wall.

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