13 May, 2018

Hand painted Kerala Kasavu

Yesterday was Delhi Saree meet. Hundreds of women dressed in a saree attended it. The theme was North Eastern. I have recently painted a Kerala Kasavu saree myself. Although it did not go with the theme, I thought that the saree has been painted in Delhi at least. In fact, it was inspired by another saree wearer I had seen. Check the pictures below to see her picture. Also, see work in progress pictures.
There are many other pictures of lots of women bonding over saree yesterday. The six yards does bond women together. It was a beautifully organised event with music and dances, quiz and food. I met so many wonderful women- doctors, entrepreneurs, etc. These women are well read and qualified and proudly adorn sarees.

Source of inspiration

Work in progress

And we met again. This time I showed her my saree that I painted after seeing hers.

She is from my hometown, my school and my college. This is how sarees brought is back together.

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