12 May, 2018

Saree repeat

Handloom sarees are precious. They last for generations if kept well and taken care of well. They are not one-time wear. In fact, they are so sturdy that you should make good use of them and repeat them often, wear them without any special occasion. Match them with different blouses and accessories and every time, you get a new look. I am not very experimental with my drapes but there are plenty of ideas online, where you can drape a saree very differently. I like basics- black hair, straight, basic drapes, handlooms and no jazzy embroidered stuff, etc.
 Here I am repeating two of my previously worn sarees and you can see the effect. 
Shown below, the Chettinad saree, that I wore in winters with a blouse like this. Wear a different bindi, Do your hair differently and you have a new ensemble.

Handloom cotton saree, worn previously here

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