21 June, 2018

Khesh saree

I have posted this saree earlier here. At that time I had not painted it. I had also paired it with a different blouse during winters. Today it is in a different avatar with a painted blouse and pallu. Also, read a lot of information about how khesh sarees are woven here.
Khesh weaving is practised in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. Khesh Saree is an addition in the bucket of traditional saris of Bengal. It is a must during festivals. Khesh Cotton Sarees are the true gift from Bengal that comes in a pretty range of colours, patterns and designs to beautify your ethnic wardrobe. The khesh weaving process is simple. The warp is with new yarn and the weft is with strips of thin cloth obtained by tearing old sarees lengthwise. The Khesh sarees are handcrafted using fresh weaves as well as recycled old sarees. Khesh weaving is an ingenious recycling technique.

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