20 June, 2018

Assam saree with Tribal motifs

My paternal uncle used to stay in Namrup in Assam. Every time he would come, he would bring beautiful Assamese sarees for my grandmother and my mom. Some of them even in Muga silk. Sadly, we do not have a single piece left from that collection. In 2012, when I was actively dealing with weavers and selling sarees online, I remember selling Muga silk saree for only Rs. 10,000/- See the blog post here. Recently, I was on a lookout for Assamese sarees. I prefer searching in government emporiums where they cost less than half the price of what the online sellers sell it for. Also, I get more authentic sarees there. I was surprised to find that even in government emporium, good muga silk saree with a traditional gold colour and red motifs and palla or multicolor motifs and palla was no less than Rs.50,000/- My heart yearned for the sarees which my uncle used to bring at that time and no one took special care to preserve them. Sarees are a woman's longest companion. They need to be taken care of. They can outlive you. Their warp and weft have stories woven in them. They are certainly the owner's pride who unknowingly leaves behind a legacy for the next generation. It is certainly worth investing in them. Let your wardrobe be rich with handloom stories. Today muga silk sarees are costing a bomb. You have to pay a lot if the price for a muga saree, which you cannot even wear on a very formal occasion. I had to settle to buy an Assamese cotton saree. 
A Conventional handloom Assam cotton saree has all over small butti design on the base with a red border and gorgeous pallu. Its beautiful patterns give a different look and set it apart from any other handloom design. This saree is pretty, soft and very lightweight to carry. It has an elegant look and soft fall. They wrap you in like a gleeful girlfriend. I paired it with a khun blouse.

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