26 September, 2012

Buy Assam Muga silk Sari

 The golden silk known as 'Muga Silk' (Muga Paat) is not only a unique silk product from Assam, but also a symbol of rich Assamese culture and part of traditional attire of the region. It is a pride of Assam.

Muga silk is one of the many nature's gift to Assam. The speciality of this silk is it's golden bright colour. "Muga" is derived from the Assamese word 'muga' meaning yellowish. It is superior in every respect from the normal white silk available all over the world. This silk is much more durable than the normal one. And interestingly it's brightness improves with every wash while the normal silk has to be very carefully washed. Apart from normal dressings, it is used in other furnishing and decoration stuff too. Muga clothes are so durable that it can be used for decades. Muga Silk is supposed to be one of the costliest fabrics in the whole world. 
It's the artistics creativity of the weavers in various corners of Assam which add more to the natural gloden glow of Muga. Sualkusi which is situated in Kamrup is famous muga silk weaving. The weavers embroiders various beautiful varities to the muga wearings. The muga dress are usually very rich in colors and have embroidery of flowers, trees, leaves,bihu related structures, etc. This makes the dress very spectacular and unique. 

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